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Yokohama Vegan project

Aiming to be a city where everyone can enjoy meals, Yokohama Nishiguchi has increased the number of vegan shops since 2018. Currently, more than 10 restaurants are preparing vegan menus. Every restaurant has a tasteful menu. Check the link for further information of each store.. http://yokovegan.com/

Yokohama local exchange program

Since 2018, Yokohama Nishiguchi (west gate area) has been making a tour to experience Nishiguchi and interact with Japanese local people.
Make yakitori, experience work at the station, drive a train, wear a kimono and more exciting activities! 

'So exited! I want to participate again!' 'Yokohama Nishiguchi is one fo the most interesting place in Japan!' Participants gave us a lot of positive feedbacks! If you are interested, please send us a message!.

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Illumination Yokohama Nishiguchi has continued since 1984.

This Illumination is performed in various places, and the entire Yokohama Nishiguchi is wrapped in light in that period.



Yokohama Nishiguchi Halloween is planned in cooperation with local  companies.

It has various stages for artists and dance performances. There are also food booths all around!



Yokohama Nishiguchi has an ample waterfront area with various water access points, so you can enjoy and experience both on and by the water!Yokohama Nishiguchi holds different events on and by the river!



Sports trash collection  competition takes place in this season.Different teams join and collect as much trash as possible. It is one of Yokohama Nishiguchi's environmental beautification  activities.